In today’s competitive career environment, it is increasingly important to be seen as an expert & stay relevant in your industry.

The right personal brand can elevate your profile, giving you the best possible opportunities for career advancement: whether that’s a promotion, being invited to speak at an industry conference or to the media, seeking out directorships or looking to be headhunted.

Here’s how we can help:


Personal style & image

Dress the part for the role that you’re in (or want!). Send the right message to those around you, through your image: whether that’s corporate & professional or creative & entrepreneurial.

Our team of stylists are all either former (or current) career-ists who understand what’s needed to confidently look and feel the part and can help with your wardrobe, hair, make-up and overall presentation.


Public speaking, writing & presenting

Articulating your ideas, position or simply getting your message across is incredibly important. As your career grows, so will the need for you to speak in public, create compelling thought leadership articles and deliver strong presentations.

Learn our techniques to speak confidently and articulately both in smaller meetings and to large audiences – no matter what the topic.
We also help coach your written and presentation skills so your message is succinct, to the point and delivers results.


An “equal at the table” mindset

No matter what everyone says, we all experience moments where we doubt ourselves, our right to be at the table or simply find it challenging dealing with difficult personalities.

Find and channel the mindset you need to feel like you are (and deserve to be) an “equal” at the table. Learn how to communicate effectively in various situations, so you always stay in control and have your voice heard.


Corporate career accelerator program

Our corporate accelerator program is a complete, holistic personal brand program tailored for you.
It covers:

  • developing and creating your personal style
  • presentation and public speaking skills
  • communicating with effectiveness in small or large groups
  • social media management including writing effective LinkedIn profiles, thought leadership articles and networking through social media.
Interested in finding out more? Contact us here.