With a background working for high profile, listed companies, we understand how important it is to ensure that your teams stay on point when it comes to your company’s brand.

Dress codes can be interpreted in multiple ways, team members can get more relaxed in how they dress and conduct themselves over time and new team members may be unsure what’s expected.

Here’s how we can help:



Our team have spoken and trained graduates to be “career-ready” in terms of dress, culture and behavior, for institutions such as the University of Technology Sydney, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand and more.

The transition from tertiary studies to a work environment can be challenging. From understanding what to wear, what’s appropriate to do and say and how to conduct themselves in meetings and at work events.



Our speakers and trainers all have extensive backgrounds in corporate, which means we understand exactly what you’re looking for in your teams.

Delivered with tact, humour and diplomacy, we offer workshops and masterclasses on corporate style & dress, ensuring your teams are reflecting the best of your company’s brand and values.



  • Our corporate accelerator program is a complete, holistic personal brand program for teams and executives. It covers:
  • what to wear & corporate style
  • presentation and speaking skills
  • communicating with effectiveness verbally & in writing
  • LinkedIn management including writing compelling profiles and thought leadership articles.

We also conduct one-off personal style and career dressing workshops for groups and executive training for individuals.

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