Agency Brand : U was born from the belief that your greatest asset is YOU.

There’s no denying that you have so much to offer – but getting seen, heard and remembered (for all the right reasons) is often the biggest challenge to your career success.

At Agency Brand: U we’ve assembled a team of the brightest and most dedicated professionals who are committed to your success, whether you need our help in just one or many aspects.

We offer a holistic approach to ensure you are always “on point” and representing yourself in a way that you can be confident in and proud of.

About Wendy Mak

Agency Brand : U is led by Wendy Mak, a C-suite level executive in one of Australia’s largest listed companies on the ASX, and a business owner and fashion blogger at

Wendy intimately understands how important it is to develop an ability to cultivate relationships around you to help your career flourish, and has built a successful career where she has been featured on Channel 9, Channel 10 and Channel 7, as well as commentating and speaking regularly at industry and business groups and events.